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Pharmaceutical raw materials

We offer active ingredients for use in human or veterinary medicines with corresponding detailed documentation and certification.

Fine Chemicals

Our products include high-purity substances for laboratories, pharmacies, clinics and other interested parties, which can also be ordered in smaller quantities depending on the product.


On special request, we can also offer you additional analyses, filling of small quantities, mixing and micronization.

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Raw material overview

We offer active pharmaceutical ingredients for the production of pharmaceuticals as well as pharmaceutical excipients, for processing into pharmaceuticals with appropriate documentation. We offer both natural and synthetically produced substances. Many of our products are also suitable for use as food, cosmetic or medical product components. You will also find fine chemicals and pure substances in our product range.


Our product range includes a large number of active pharmaceutical ingredients and fine chemicals in a wide variety of qualities. We deliver products exactly according to your requirements and wishes. This also includes additional analyses, small volume filling, mixing and micronization.

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Your partner for pharmaceutical raw materials

The company “Hommel” looks back on a history of almost 125 years. We supply high-quality substances to the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. Hommel has gained a worldwide reputation for its supply of raw materials through many years of experience, high flexibility and constant reliability. Our customers rely on prompt and uncomplicated delivery. We offer active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as excipients and other substances from different productions and often with several alternatives. Our company combines many years of practice with modern technology and always offers you the best quality at a fair price.

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